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Titanic - Rewritten

Note: This is a script i wrote for my office contest to change the script of either sholay or titanic. My fav movie has always been titanic and i thought of giving it a new flavor. This is not a goof on titanic! I have tried my best to keep the original feel into it. so read on and post your comments!


When I stood there, it was more than enchanting. It felt heavenly. The cool sea breeze slowly grazed my face as I made my way to the stern. The light fabric of my gown flapped at the sudden gush of the wind making me pause for sometime before I walked over the tip of the boat. This was the most Peaceful I had been in a long time. My mother had turned into a dictator lately with the ever tempestuous Cal and his spy Lovejoy. Wish Jack was here with me. This was never going to end. Cal had known about Jack all along, although he pretended he didn’t and it was just a matter of time before he took me away from him. Well, he got his wish. Now I am getting mine!
I reached over to the railing and climbed it, closing my eyes the entire time.

"Sure, you want to do that?" a voice called out.

I stopped. It can’t be!

I slowly stepped onto the deck and turned around. Jack stood there, charming as ever, smiling at me. I stood rooted to the spot, stunned and surprised.

"Jack, how come you..?" I began.

"For you. You thought I would just leave you" He said, walking towards me.

"I.. I am so sorry Jack, Cal was.." I said, before the tears came out holding back my words.

"I know, Rose. I have been with you longer to feel the same way you feel now. I am here to take you away, to a place where no one can take you away from me" He said, walking over to me and kissing me.

"I don’t know what to.. I would have.." I said glancing towards the stern and back to his soothing face "I ..I love you" I said, hugged him, tears giving way to joy and laughter, as I felt mellowed in his arms.

"Rose, what the hell are you doing here?" a voice called out.

I turned and saw Cal coming towards me.

"Jack saved me" I said, my face bright and cheery, looking at Jack now.


The devastation was something beyond my wildest dreams. Almost two hours had passed by since the Mighty ship sank to the depth of the oceans taking a whole bunch of people with it before they could get off. They didn’t have much of a choice whatsoever with the lifeboats gone and the unwelcoming abyss of darkness waiting below. It was just pure luck I got aboard one of the lifeboats which now slowly glided on an eternal journey to towards any land surface, the driver trying hard not to hit any of the bodies floating on the surface of the water, the shock and anguish evident in what was seen of their faces. These four days were nothing but bizarre to me and this seemed a fitting end to the unpleasant quarter. I shivered inside my suit which was drenched in the icy cold water of the sea, still coming to terms with the happenings on the Ship when it was up and about. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t the ship. It was Rose!


Nothing can stop me now. Jack is here. God is with me! I thought as I let myself relax in the patio chairs in the middle deck right beside the pool. Everything came back to me. It was around six months back. He was an artist and a wanderer, which he preferred to be called as. During one of his drifts to Southamptom, I met him in the Rail station sketching almost everything in sight. At first, I was rather skeptic but after I glanced at one of his pictures lying beside him, I was amused. He drew a picture of me; giving it to me when I was about to board the train saying that I was the prettiest thing he had ever drawn. I smiled at him and that was the end of it, which is what would be expected of a dewitt-bukater. This was during one of the many journeys I had with Cal. I don’t know why I agreed to go out with him at all. My mother, Ruth dewitt-bukater, was one of the reasons. She had compelled me to do this saying this is the only way we can pay off all the debts and still appear upper-class. Days went by and I didn’t see Jack again. After almost a month, I saw him in the town trying to sell his portraits; many of them resembled me, which was what it seemed like before Cal pulled me away to a diner nearby. When I came back, he was gone. Cal had been busy with a business agreement with a steel mill and he didn’t notice my occasional wanderings into the country. I had to see it all. Jack was at his usual self, sketching away, when I surprised him. It was indeed me in almost all the portraits and I was stunned by the accuracy he had brought into each one of those even though I wasn’t around.

"When I see one I like, it stays in my heart" was what he replied to me. Cal wasn’t aware that I was going to the country almost daily and so was my mother. Jack gave me relief from the stress I had gone through after the death of my father. He was slowly becoming a person whom I can trust. In the days that went by, much more than that!

I turned around to see Jack leaning on the railing and sketching intently. He looked up, on cue, smiling back at me. He made his way past the pool and sat down beside me.

"Care to join me?" he asked, winking at me, holding out his hand.

I laughed. "Sure, why not?" I said, standing up and taking his hand.

"Not going to venture asking me ‘Where to?’" he asked.

"I think I will be safe with you" I said, walking with him.

During dinner, Cal sat in front of me sipping his wine and looking seriously at me.

"So where were you this noon?" he asked me.

"By the pool" I said, not daring to look up.

"Tell me the truth!" he said, a note of impatience showing in his voice.

"I am" I said, looking up for a fraction of a second.

He stood up, walked over to me and pulled me up.

"You better stop lying, Rose. I know what you did. Dancing? In a Third-class compartment? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?" he said, his face close to mine and I could feel his boiling temper heating me up.

"Why should I be? Jack took me" I said, trying to break free from his grasp.

He loosened the grip and stared at me with his face red, his breath coming in gasps.

The sinking of the Titanic was nothing but shocking to me and it was the worst thing that could happen to me. But at the least, I was with Jack, all along. I never let go of him. Future seemed bleak when I met him and now I could see it. He was going to take me away to a far-off land. Even when Cal made me take up a seat in one of the lifeboats, I jumped back into the ship, with Jack alongside me, reassuring me, time and again, that everything is going to be fine.

Now I was lying on the wooden door which was the only thing which could give us shelter from the icy cold water, while Jack was a holding onto it. He was shivering and his face was a ghostly white.

"You need to live, Rose. When dying, it will be in your bed" he said, with much difficulty.

"No, Jack. You will be with me. You promised me that you will take me away" I said, tears welling up.

"I would still keep up my promise" he said, his lips going numb. His head fell on the door with a loud thud.

"Jack! Oh God!" I said, crying over his body. It took me a long time to bid adieu to the one person who cared about me but It was time!

I slowly let go off his hands from the door as he slowly drifted deep into the sea, his expression-less face looking up at me.


Lovejoy was more than helpful to me. He kept a constant watch on Rose, giving me details about her whereabouts. For a long time, it was mundane. But Rose started doing some sinister stuff after she met that artist guy. I wasn’t sure what I should do. I was madly in love with her right from the time I saw her at the convention a year ago. It was tough to get hold of her, owing to her authoritarian father. His death was the only answer. Lovejoy took care of it. And now, Jack. They were seen everywhere and I feared that they might elope sooner or later. I had to take her away from him and the maiden voyage of Titanic proved a good reason to do so. Just as I expected, she tried to run away with him but Lovejoy came to my rescue. He shot Jack when he was in the mansion grounds trying to rescue Rose. I had to lock Rose up till the trip which I thought would be very difficult to do after her lover was killed right before her eyes. But strangely she didn’t hesitate. She came with me but I had no idea she was in shock. I didn’t know she would go crazy.

The day I saw her near the stern, I asked what she was doing there. It was Lovejoy who alerted me that she was off to the stern alone. What could she possibly do now? was all I thought when he conveyed the news.

"Rose, what the hell are you doing here?" I shouted, my voice getting drowned by the sound of the sea.

"Jack saved me." She said, glancing sideways. No one was there.

"Jack?" I asked, in a confused tone.

"You thought he would never come back, didn’t you?" she said, smiling.

"Lovejoy, bring her to the upper deck" I called out at Lovejoy, who was watching the proceedings in shock just as I was. Even when I asked her why she went to the third class compartment, she retorted back saying Jack took her. That was when I reaffirmed the fact that I wasn’t the one who is going crazy!

On the lifeboat, situations weren’t that great. They were running out of fuel and the slow maneuvering of the boat seemed difficult. I borrowed a binocular from one of the helpers and looked into the darkness. Nothing was visible except for the bodies and when the light from the lifeboat fell on them, they looked ghastly. I know I had been rough with her but all I wanted was to be with her. I tried my best to put her into a lifeboat ahead of me but I didn’t expect her to jump back into the middle deck and that was the last I saw her. What if she was alive? I could still sense a tiny ray of hope as I continued looking through the binoculars. The water splashed onto the lenses making it hard to see. Right when I was about to lose hope, I saw her. She was all alone on what seemed like a wooden door. On closer look, she seemed to move. My god!

"Sir, can you please move over there? It is my fiancé. She is alive. Over there" I called out to the driver, standing up and pointing towards the door.

"Sit down, sir. Please" he said, slowly turning the boat towards her.

When I was finally a couple of yards from her, I could see her lying there, shivering.

"Rose, Rose" I called out, from the distance.

She looked up for second and again looked down at the water at her own reflection.

She was murmuring something.

"Rose! Rose.. give me you hands" I shouted, when I was about a meter away from her.

She slowly fell off the door into the sea as I looked at her with shock. I tried jumping into the sea but the people in the lifeboat stopped me.

"You would die."

"The water is too cold" they shouted at me.

"No! NO!" I yelled.

I am here to take you away, to a place where no one can take you away from me! Was all she thought when she slowly glided down the sea and up towards Jack.

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