Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This is the Climax scene of the movie 300! I found this movie really appealing in terms of cinematography. I wanted to get that Rustic and Antique look in my painting. So i decided to draw a scene from the movie. Of course, the climax where the spartans stand against their enemy eventhough their men were relatively less, was the strong point of the film.

This took me 5 days to complete. I used a Black chart with Acron colors for this one. The actual painting is 1.5 feet* 1 feet. Please post ur comments as well.

My Best Work!

This is one of my Best Works!

I was thinking about doing a really sophisticated painting which really brings out the color and sharpness just like a poster. I started off choosing pictures to paint: Scenery (The usual), Portraits of Celebrities (Much to subtle). But none came close to the "Spiderman 3" poster which was put up everywhere when the movie was about to release. You may think i was crazy to select a thing like that for a model. One, I was a Big fan of Spiderman series. Two, this model had the sophistication that i needed to paint. Just check out the Webbing part on Spiderman suit. It took me a long time to do that.

This painting took me 10 days to complete in which 4 days i took for Webbing part of spiderman's suit. If you watch it closely, you can see that the webbing has its own color painted thin with its shadow falling on the suit itself which was also thin. I used a "0" sized brush (Wierd size eh?) for that part. The chart i used was a Black one and i used Acron Poster colors to paint the whole picture. Getting the mirror like view of the Reflection of spiderman was pretty difficult, but i managed to get it somehow. The actual painting is 1 feet*1.5 feet.

This painting was published in my office magazine and it got me a lot of good reviews. Please pass in your comments as well.